Augmented Reality: The Future OfSports Betting

In the recent times, augmented reality has become the rising star on the technological innovation horizon. Pokemon GO, the immensely popular app,recently took the iOS and Android world by storm and literally transformed the real world into a fantasy world of augmented reality. Today, it is amazing to see how mobile technology has evolved and is able to give users such fantastical experiences. Currently, the Wembley Stadium is using augmented reality technology to enhance their stadium tour experience. People coming for a tour of the iconic stadium are given an augmented reality handset and tourists can see the various statistics, famous videos and pictures of the stadium, depending on their location. And today, with smartphones becoming a common accessory, everyone visiting stadiums anywhere can have access to this technology and it can help them find various facilities around the stadium.

What is augmented reality betting?

Augmented reality essentially uses the real-world environment and superimposes a digital aspect to it via sounds or visuals. For instance, when you point your smartphone at the night sky, the phone gives you all the information about the various constellations that are spotted by the phone’s viewfinder. This technology is making an appearance in the sports betting arena too.Today, it is amazing to see how mobile technology has evolved and is able to give users such fantastical experiences. Today, it is amazing to see how mobile technology has evolved and is able to give users such fantastical experiences. Augmented reality can make betting so easy,whether you are in front of the television screen or at live sporting events. At a football match, you can just point your smartphone screen and identify the various players with the list of available bets across various markets for a particular individual or game.

Sports betting with augmented reality

We are witnessing exciting times, where today, app developers are using augmented reality in creative ways bybuildingbetting apps for mobile devices,which make use of this technology that allows you to place bets on your favorite sport. The app utilizes your phone camera and the internet in order to research data and augmented reality allows the current information to be overlaid on the statistics of the existing betting market on the particular sport you are following.For instance, if you are into horse racing, the app on your phone will allow you to point your phone at the horse .

For instance, if you are into horse racing, to point your phone at the horse . jockey details, current odds and the chance of placing a bet on the horse with just a tap on the phone screen. For the purposes of sports betting, augmented reality has loads of potential that allows data gathering as well as wagering extremely effortless. Where sports statistics and data are available so easily that are vital to betting, it is a fantastic option if bettors can use augmented reality in stadiums to find out more details about the match they are watching without wading through reams of data on several websites.

Advantages of sports betting with augmented reality

Betting with augmented reality apps can have several advantages over conventional betting apps that are available currently.
You can place bets very quickly.
You can avoid the tedious process of locating your chosen market by getting the particular sportsperson or sports team on your phone screen and placing an appropriate bet. This option can work for other situations outside of an in-play context. For example, you may be watching a weigh-in for a forthcoming boxing match and if you like the physical aspects of a fighter, you can get the market information on the player by just pointing your phone at the television screen.
The app will allow you to keep your focus on your favorite sporting action rather than looking away from the screen, while the key information you require will appear in front of you.

The future of sports betting with augmented reality apps

For some time, the future of betting with augmented reality apps has been questioned and there has been quite a bit of uncertainty if the mobile betting concept will really take off. Nevertheless, with the advancements in the mobile phone industry and technology, we can conclude that mobile betting definitely has a strong future and will change the way people bet. Although, there is no particular date for the release of these apps, many betting companies have claimed that these apps are in the pipeline and you can expect to see them very soon. The “TV Bet” feature has already been introduced by Paddy Power which allows you to point your phone camera at the screen with the various teams and you can get a display of all the betting markets that are available. Very soon, augmented reality will become an actuality in sports and sports betting and allow quicker betting with easier navigation and improved data collation methods, all consolidated in one single app like BettingApps.